How to Use the SNAP Ring


This is the SNAP Ring. It acts as a remote control for your mobile devices.

Take pictures & videos,  open and operate music, social media, and streaming apps.

Control over a dozen of the most popular apps right out of the box.


  1. Press any button on the SNAP Ring which will activate the blinking light
  2. Go to Settings and open BlueTooth
  3. Find ‘SNAP Ring’ and connect


SNAP Ring Bluetooth ring controls


Works with iOS, Android, tablets.

Micro USB included to recharge SNAP Ring. You can use any micro USB charger to juice up yo ring. Get sparky.

The LED charging light will turn on when the ring is plugged in.

Range: This is BlueTooth 4.2 so it will have similiar range and limitations as all other bluetooth which is - 30 feet and best if nothing is in the way - when your butt is in the way sometimes it misses signal.

Charging Time: Give it an hour for a full charge, but charging for around 10 minutes can give you around an hour of charge.

How Long Does It Last?
A full charge lasts around a week.



No Lights: Battery dead

Not Pairing: Turn off BlueTooth and back on

Still Not Pairing: Hold up and down for 3 sec to disconnect and try again

STILL Not Pairing: Hold up and down for 10 sec to reset ring

Combos Not Working: SNAP Combos only work on iOS. Make sure SNAP Combos are unlocked. If so, make sure to enter combos quickly (you might be too slow). 

Can’t Type: SNAP Combo mode has been activated and the ring is stealing your keyboard. Either get out of SNAP Combo mode or press the down button each time you want to use the keyboard.

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