The SNAP Ring

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The SNAP Ring is a wearable controller that operates your photo, video, music, and social media apps right from your finger. 

NO APP NEEDED: Connect to Bluetooth on iOS or Android phone and tablet. 

SNAP Ring is intended to be worn on your index finger but also works well on a middle or ring finger. Your index is usually 1-2 sizes bigger than your ring finger.  

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How to Find Your Ring Size

SNAP Ring is best worn on the index finger, but the middle finger and ring finger work well too.


Method 1: Print a Ring Sizer

Download and print this ring sizer, then follow the instructions below.

Method 2: Measure Circumference

Use a string to measure the circumference of your finger

Method 3: Measure Diameter

Take a ring that fits you and measure it on a ruler.

Average Ring Sizes

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